Survey IVR

Hi there,

I am working on survey IVR

I have made a test survey. for that i created a file and placed it on /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing

file content:

Channel: DAHDI/g1/XXXXXXXXX (number which i need to dial)
MaxRetries: 5
Retrytime: 100
WaitTime: 45
Context: test-auto-ivr
Extension: 111
Priority: 1


exten => 111,1,Answer()
exten => 111,2,Playback(demo-congrats)

Now, what happening, I am looking at CLI, when my phone rings, before answering, play music get started, and if I answer the call after like 2 or 3 ring, most of the part of playback music played already.
I want to start music after the call get answered. I am not sure why it is playing it at the time of rining.

Also let me know if there is any opensource software for IVR survey.


Sohaib Khan

You don’t have answer supervision on the line, or you have’t configure dahdi to use it. In the former case, you will have to talk to the network operator.