Support for IPv6

Hello All

What softphone support IPv6? I’ve implemented a network with IPv6 but I cant’ find a softphone with that implementation. It suppose that Linphone does but it don’t work and crash.

Also. It’s necessary to make same changes in the asterisk configuration to run on a IPv6 server?I’ve downloaded Erika but it’s not working and it has IPv6 support

this is the sip.conf general part

allow=h263   ;

what I’m not sure is the binport and bindaddr parameter and how to configure it for IPv6

Could you please help me?


To create a Dual-Stack server in the SIP channel driver chan_sip (IPv4+IPv6), all you do is ‘bindaddr=::’. Your variant with brackets is OK as well. You do not need ‘bindport’ because 5060 is the default. Again, your variant is OK as well. Nothing else is required, except a IPv6 enabled Internet connection and DNS-AAAA of course.

When it comes to IPv6 capable SIP clients, I recommend to go for an Apple iPhone because all apps must be IPv6 capable by now. There, Linphone, CounterPath Bria, and Acrobits Groundwire work just great. If you need more debugging capabilities, have a look at pjsua. That is the (command-line interface based) SIP user agent of the PJProject. Because the Asterisk Wiki contains a guide how to compile that, you can patch/edit pjsua as you like, you can even run it from a debugger. Furthermore, the knowledge you gain is not a one-time thing because that other SIP channel driver of Asterisk chan_pjsip is based on PJProject as well.

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