How to configure IPv6 for Asterisk

Hi all,
I am going to configure IPv6 for Asterisk. but I don’t know how to configure it.
Anyone knows about it. Please share with me.

It’s only supported for the SIP channel driver; see the sip.conf configuration example in the configs subdirectory and the section on bind address.


Do you have any document about it?

Can you clarify more about sip.conf?

; With the current situation, you can do one of four things:
;  a) Listen on a specific IPv4 address.      Example: bindaddr=
;  b) Listen on a specific IPv6 address.      Example: bindaddr=2001:db8::1
;  c) Listen on the IPv4 wildcard.            Example: bindaddr=
;  d) Listen on the IPv4 and IPv6 wildcards.  Example: bindaddr=::
; (You can choose independently for UDP, TCP, and TLS, by specifying different values for
; "udpbindaddr", "tcpbindaddr", and "tlsbindaddr".)
; (Note that using bindaddr=:: will show only a single IPv6 socket in netstat.
;  IPv4 is supported at the same time using IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses.)
; Using bindaddr will only enable UDP support in order to be backwards compatible with those systems
; that were upgraded prior to TCP support. Use udpbindaddr and tcpbindaddr to bind to UDP and TCP
; independently.
; You may optionally add a port number. (The default is port 5060 for UDP and TCP, 5061
; for TLS).
;   IPv4 example: bindaddr=
;   IPv6 example: bindaddr=[::]:5062
; The address family of the bound UDP address is used to determine how Asterisk performs
; DNS lookups. In cases a) and c) above, only A records are considered. In case b), only
; AAAA records are considered. In case d), both A and AAAA records are considered. Note,
; however, that Asterisk ignores all records except the first one. In case d), when both A
; and AAAA records are available, either an A or AAAA record will be first, and which one
; depends on the operating system. On systems using glibc, AAAA records are given
; priority.

udpbindaddr=             ; IP address to bind UDP listen socket to ( binds to all)
                                ; Optionally add a port number, (default is port 5060)

Just set IPv6 address in sip.conf following to your guide?

Must I change API?

and I am installing AsteriskNow in Oracle VM virtualbox. So, can I use your guide to configure?


The OS will have to already provide IPv6 Networking capabilities to applications (Asterisk) running on it.

Set the udpbindaddr to something that’s IPv6 friendly.


Thanks for your help
Below is result after I added IPv6 address.

Please consider that is it right?

Thanks again.

Following to above picture, did I configure ipv6 rightly yet ?