Suggested Fedora partitioning for Asterisk

Is there a suggested way of partitioning the HD to work with Asterisk? Can I use dynamic paritioning? I have a 2GHz machine with 512k RAM and 60GB.

If someone could send me their partition settings I would appreciate it.

you will need space in var, as that is where recordings and voicemail are stored otherwise you wont need much space elsewhere.

Asterisk@Home on a 20gb drive:

Mount Type Partition Percent Capacity Free Used Size
/ ext3 /dev/hda2 10% 15.18 GB 1.86 GB 17.95 GB
/boot ext3 /dev/hda1 9% 84.57 MB 9.06 MB 98.72 MB
/dev/shm tmpfs none 0% 124.10 MB 0.00 KB 124.10 MB
Totals : 10% 15.38 GB 1.87 GB 18.17 GB