Hard drive Partitions

I have a question about the partitions of drives. Normally I do a standard CentOS install with basic storage and install asterisk. It has come to my attention maybe I should be changing partitions sizes so that asterisk has more room to grow.

I have these two and a swap


Should the root drive be the larger partition.

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Yes it has to be.
The home partition stores the homefolders of the users.
Asterisk stores by default its information mostly in /var and /usr.
You can make 2 seperate partitions for that or keep them in the /partition

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Asterisk should not be a heavy user of disk space and you should have enough RAM that swapping isn’t an issue, so there is no reason to have more than one partition for everything.


Depending on use weuse a ramdisk for recordings then a cronjob to move them to /var/spool/asterisk/monitor that is a separate partition. if teh system is to be redundant then we use a separate partition for voicemail as well as this will be a DRBD partition.

It really depends on the use of the server