Subscribe to MWI expires early?

We are using the mailboxes in the AOR table so our Cisco phones can subscribe to Message Waiting Indications.
Once in a while the light would not be on even with new messages, so I did a trace with wireshark and found something weird.

The phone boots and subscribe sucessfully to MWI with a voicemail subscribe interval of 86400.
If I look at my wireshark trace I can see that asterisk sends a sollicited notify 5 times. Is this normal?
I have also noticed that the Subscription state is going from 83544 seconds to 432 seconds and it expires in the last notify.

We’d need to see the initial SUBSCRIBE and full SIP flow, but it certainly sounds wrong from first look.

Here is my sucessful subscribe:

Should I open an issue on jira?

If it would make it easier to examine logs, sure. As it is the SUBSCRIBE and the NOTIFY are from two different subscriptions and would have different lifetimes.