Asterisk Hints to Devices located on other PBX

I’m looking to find a way to leverage asterisk hints that could subscribe to device states located on another PBX (primarily Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9x+). I’ve tried implementing a test-example between two distinct Asterisk servers connected via registered SIP trunks, but the hints (example: 1001,hint,SIP/asterisk1/${EXTEN}) did not result in getting a successful device state despite hints/subscriptions that stay within the local context work just fine.

I am asking the community if (1) this is a possibility altogether, and if there were some examples one could provide, or (2) there was a better to way to perform device state subscriptions to other SIP-based PBXs.

You can share device state between two Asterisk PBX’s using res_pjsip, I think it was introduced with Version 15

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@johnkiniston, I’ll poke around in there. Any experience with non-asterisk PBXs?

I don’t believe it’s possible to exchange device state with non asterisk PBX’s.