Submitting a bug to Asterisk


I’ve found a defiite bug in Asterisk with RTP.

I run Asterisk with ‘safe_asterisk’ and it will routinely restart every 4 - 12 hours depending on traffic.

It dumps the core every time and every time it’s the same error.

#0  0x0810ef4d in ast_rtcp_read (rtp=0x8e8d9a0) at rtp.c:1162
1162            res = recvfrom(rtp->rtcp->s, rtcpdata + AST_FRIENDLY_OFFSET, sizeof(rtcpdata) - sizeof(unsigned int) * AST_FRIENDLY_OFFSET,

However, that’s all I’ve really got and I’m no C developer so I’m not about to submit a patch.

Should I just submit this limited info as a bug report? Will it really do any good?

Advice appreciated.

what version of asterisk are you running?