Stream recording

I’d like to stream audio in realtime to an external server - with in & out channels split.

Right now, I am using Monitor, that records to an NFS drive but this is not really streaming, and I am facing some issues if the NFS server has a ping time / delay over 10ms - it breaks the audio.

I am using chan_sip & asterisk 13 - I’m open to moving to pjsip and/or asterisk 15.

I’ve seen there were some audiohooks, but I dont think that can help me.

Any suggestions / directions to look at would be welcome !


anyone has a suggestion ?

There is nothing built into Asterisk to do just this. The low level APIs exist, though, such as audiohooks that you mentioned that allow it to be done. You can piece some of it together, such as using Chanspy with a SIP channel to send the media elsewhere, without writing code.