Stream / Playback using websocket

Hello ,

I am trying to know if we can stream audio using web sockets in asterisk?


Probably… not?

The only case of that currently is the AEAP functionality used with the speech dialplan functions, for doing speech recognition.

Is there any example or sample available for AEAP ?
also can we do this by calling an external application running in python or node to achieve the same?


This a working example
asterisk/aeap-speech-to-text: Asterisk external speech to text application (
It is written in nodejs but I think I have seen one in python somewhere


Thanks but this is for one way audio only right ?
If I want to do bi directional streaming would this be helpful ?
Also I am no good in node js but python would be helpful,


We had already did realtime bidirectional audio stream.

You can check

Contact me with direct message because some all things cann’t get as free.

@Chetang.Jha , Well, in fact, I just tested two way streaming with AEAP and found out there is no silence recognition so, you just have to stop the recognition with a timeout. Because I was building a voice bot, AEAP was no good, I had to build it with UniMRCP Home ( and my bot is fantastic.

@egorky , are you facing any delays in terms of ASR recognition while using UniMRCP ?


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