Sending Raw Audio Stream over Websockets

Is there any Asterisk feature that can stream raw audio from calls over Websockets? Addition to that, play back an audio stream from a Websocket connection as well. Looking for replacements for Twilio Media Streams

I have come across similar projects on Asterisk but they do not use Websockets for audio communication. Referring to External Media Channel, Audiosocket.

Similar projects to what I have in mind,

I read about AEAP Module and the aeap example app but it seems to be still in dev and not available in any stable release.

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No, there is no current support for arbitrary raw audio over Websockets. The AEAP module could facilitate it in the future, but it’s for speech to text only at the moment.

Take a look also on Vosk Asterisk plugin:

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Thanks! That looks great but on a cursory look it seems like Vosk WSS are being sent the audio, however I was looking for bidirectional audio transfer with Websockets.

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