Strange Problem with asterisk

I have two PSTN lines from BSNL( Telco from India)
I have install asterisk with X101P card(ambient MD3200) .
After sucessfull installation I use it for 2 days without problem. but from last 2 weeks I face a problem of call drops.

so I try lots of things like removing busydetect ,call progress, rsolving IRQ conflicts . after that the problem is disappear for 1 or 2 days . but suddenly from yesterday i face the same problem. I havent change the configuration.

today I connected asterisk with the other line and it works fine. no call drops

I not able to trace the problem.

I checked the line voltage by connecting voltmeter to two leads of telephone line I got 53V in voltmeter.

please Help me .


The card could be problematic.
Why don’t you replace it with TDM400 or for better quality sangoma card?

some problems are also reported on

Wait till you have problem with the second line as previous, then post again. ( just teasing…)

  1. What is your * server?
  2. Check server memory