Dropped Calls

Any have experience with Asterisk where all calls gets dropped at the same time? Is the problem most likely on Asterisk, the network or the Telco side?


Sounds like a reset.

Post your config/enviroment please, a “my car isnt driving-help” is not THAT handy to solve your question…

we had/have a similar issue that actually was caused in part by a bad electrical circuit on the floor. our agents use softphones, and apparently one of the large copiers was sharing a circuit with these workstations, and every time the copier would cycle, it would kill some or all of the active phone connections.

we figured that because of the sensitive nature of voip, the interference was enough of a hiccup to screw something up.

we put the copier on an isolated circuit, and most (not all) of the problems went away. we still have dirty power (confirmed by our electrician) and need to do some further testing, but the problem has been reduced by about 80%, according to the floor managers.

that might be one thing you could check, and please post should you find anything else.

hehehe…you dont believe sometimes what is causing weiredos…

A customer called me and said, their telco line is dropping from time to time for a few minutes and no1 can figure out why…

Well, they had an elevator in the house (elevators are powerhogs causing much electrical radiation) and the telco line was not THAT far away from the elev. powerline.

As soon as some1 pushed the ele-button…WOOOSH.

Sometimes… :unamused: