Strange BLF issues

We replaced several older Asterisk 1.8 based systems with Freepbx 13.12.2 systems. The phones stayed the same. We have random issues with the phones not lighting the BLF keys, and some dropped calls. The subscribe time is set for 1800 for the BLF lights. Before the cahnge there were no complaints of this. The phones are Escene Model ES320 series, Originally Ipitomy HD320. We updated the firmware to try to alleviate this issue. We think the dropped calls were because of the G722 codec. Are there any known issues with that codec and Asterisk 13? Apparently the call would drop in the first 8 seconds of the call after it connected. They are using SIP trunks with G711 codecs

Thanks for any ideas in advance

You should ask this in the freepbx forums not here.

Please share your CLI output with a verbose level minimum of 5 (core set verbose 5) the drop call issue seems to be a NAT issue, NAT settings on FreePBX is handled on the GUI, but make sure NAT is set to nat=force_rport,comedia, in most of the cases this solve the issue, also a SIP trace would be helpful to determine the cause of the drop calls, related to BLF issue at this time I HAVE NO IDEA :blush:

Thanks for the reply. ALL the default settings for the new Freepbx is Nat=no I will try your suggestion.

Setting nat=no as default is not a good idea. The Asterisk default (rport) is likely to be better.