Stopped MOH

Hi there,
I’m trying to set music on hold in a confbridge and it looks good but when I start a MOH conference something is going wrong:
I get this Warning message and music is stopped:

– Stopped music on hold on SIP/xxxx-00000002
[May 31 22:50:23] WARNING[9608]: channel.c:5010 ast_write: Codec mismatch on channel SIP/ipl1-00000002 setting write format to slin from gsm native formats (gsm)

why could this be happening?
Thank you!

Ignore it unless you are getting a spew of the warnings, or it is not working at a black box level.

But music is stopped… I can’t ignore that!

The order of the messages implies that the warning is a consequence of the music stopping, not the cause of it, so you need to provide rather more information to allow the cause to be ascertained.

You should start with the version of Asterisk, as this may well be a fixed bug.

well, actually it’s the latest version: Asterisk 10.5.0-rc2. I know it’s a release candidate and it may be uncomplete, but I needed a feature that has been fixed in this release…

As for the messages, it’s kind of weird because they’re shown immediately when I start the conference with more than one participant. However, if I just create the conference with one participant, there’s no problem and no message appears…

any idea or suggestion?
If you need more information just tell me…
thanks a lot!!

Okay, I’ve installed the release version of asterisk-10.5.0 and I’m still having some problems…
I guess it has something to do with the confbridge options i selected and I got a little bit confused with one option:

music_on_hold_when_empty=yes  ; Sets whether MOH should be played when only
                                                  ; one person is in the conference or when the
                                                  ; the user is waiting on a marked user to enter
                                                  ; the conference. Off by default.

the options are yes/no and off (by default, if commented)?
I want the MOH played to all participants until a marked user enters the conference, which is the value I must set?

Thank you!

alright, got it working!
I just needed to set: music_on_hold_when_empty=yes wait_marked=yes

Thank you!