Stop writing to /var/log/messages


That’s what I was thinking with setting CONSOLE = no in safe_asterisk, the fact that he’s getting control characters for color really made me believe it was some sort of redirection.


At least in older versions, and at least with default settings, the colour coding was written to the log files, as well as the console.


Hello Guys,

I have same issue. Did you found the solution? I have this issue on only one server.


Thanks to our UNIX admins, they helped to solve the problem.
This is how they fixed:

created /etc/rsyslog.d/10-asterisk.conf with these lines

if $programname == "asterisk" then {

then restart rsyslog


Why you name this file 10-asterisk.conf instead of asterisk.conf. Is any convention ??
It didn’t worked for me.