Stop command doesn't do anything (solved)


I just upgraded to, and the stop command doesn’t do anything :

server*CLI> stop now server*CLI> stop gracefully server*CLI>

Here is what I only get in logs :

Sep 20 21:31:34 VERBOSE[19799] logger.c: Executing last minute cleanups Sep 20 21:31:34 VERBOSE[19799] logger.c: == Destroying musiconhold processes

but all content of /var/run/asterisk/ is removed. I have to manually kill asterisk process.

The same version on another PC works and stops fine. Both are on gentoo. But this one hasn’t “alsa” USE flag.

Any idea please ?

started by root with asterisk -cvvvv :

[...] Asterisk Ready. *CLI> stop now Beginning asterisk shutdown.... Executing last minute cleanups == Destroying musiconhold processes Asterisk cleanly ending (0).
and never quit

I found the error.
I had to add noload => chan_h323.soto my modules.conf !