Stop call recording


Is there a way in asterisk to ‘stop’ call recording if it’s set to ‘always’?

Reason being - we have a call centre and all calls need to be recorded except when confidential information is being given. Unfortunately having ‘on-demand’ recording configured isn’t helping since most agents are forgetting to press *1 when they answer a call.

So i either need a way to automatically send *1 at the begining of each call and have them manually remove recording according to the conversation - orelse have recording ‘always’ on but give them the option to disable it when they need.

any help is appreciated

Go through the applicationmap section of features.conf. ( … tures.conf)

Have something like this in it.

;Allow the callee to pause monitoring on their channel
pauseMonitor => #1,self/callee,Pausemonitor

;Allow the callee to unpause monitoring on their channel
unpauseMonitor => #3,self/callee,UnPauseMonitor

–Satish Barot
Ahmedabad, India

Thank you very much for your reply Ahmedabad

I just tried this now but unfortuantely it didn’t work

Below was my features.conf

#include features_general_additional.conf
#include features_general_custom.conf

#include features_applicationmap_additional.conf
#include features_applicationmap_custom.conf

#include features_featuremap_additional.conf
#include features_featuremap_custom.conf

I added

;Allow the callee to pause monitoring on their channel
pauseMonitor => #1,self/callee,Pausemonitor

;Allow the callee to unpause monitoring on their channel
unpauseMonitor => #3,self/callee,UnPauseMonitor

under the [applicationmap] part and did an amportal restart. When i tested it didn’t work, infact when looking at the log and pressing #1, i see nothing happening.

Do you have any ideas please?

thank you again


Hi you have to make sure the application map feature is set

for example


if you are using a GUI such as freepbx this isnt as simple as it sounds

Thank you for the reply. Although i am using FreePBX, i am making these changes via asterisk CLI.

I assume i’d need to put something like this

exten => _X.,n,Set(DYNAMIC_FEATURES=pauseMonitor#unpauseMonitor)

in extensions.conf or extensions_additional.conf but i’m not sure where/under which part.

does any one know please?

If you are trying to hack the FreePBX code, you need to ask the FreePBX people, on

isn’t this an asterisk dialplan hack though?

i just need to find a way to dial a sequence to pause recording. :cry:

Freepbx handle the dialplan in its own way, of course it use the asterisk basic to do that but if you touch configurations files you can break the GUI or the GUI can break the changes.

You can do:

1.- Use the extensions_override file, in it copy the complete sub-macro-record context and add your features

2.- Use the extensions_custom file, in it add the from-internal-custom context and add your features.

Hi taraelese ,

Did you made it to work to pause and unpause the recording?

If so can you please share something, since am trying to configure, but couldn’t make it happen. Added Dynamic features in extensions.conf, and features.conf also set. But still not able to make it.


would be really interesting! and I don’t get it with the features.conf editing :frowning:

Hi stegfeld,

I made it working with this dialplan, in features.conf
OutPauseMonitor => 1,self/caller,Macro,recpause,recording-disabled
OutUnpauseMonitor => 2,self/caller,Macro,recunpause,recording-enabled

and setting up DYNAMIC_FEATURES=OutPauseMonitor#OutUnpauseMonitor in extensions conf at required place. Its working.