How to stop mixmonitor?

One of my clients has asked that all calls, inbound and outbound be automatically recorded (with appropriate warnings to inbound callers etc…)

That part was easy enough, modifying the dialplan, however I need a way to stop it on demand also. I assumed I would be able to call StopMonitor using features.conf with say, *1 is pressed, but no luck.

All the recording is initiated by the dialplan.

Anyone have any ideas?

Asterisk 1.2.19.



Same problem here: I haven’t looked at this in detail yet, but apparently there is a patch for adding StopMixMonitor:

For some reason, this patch was not added to the main build, as I don’t have it in my standard 1.2.18-build. I haven’t tried it yet, so if you can share me your experiences, I’d be interrested to know.