Stereo recording with Multi track

We are using Asterisk 13.17.1, and uses 2wav2mp3 to record the call recording into stereo. The recordings has Multi Track, but both track has customer and agent recording instead of only having agent leg in one and customer leg in another. Any help pelase.

I’d like to record a conversation into two endpoints by using Monitor or mixmoitor, but need to split every sip channel into Left/Right channel of the stereo WAV.

SIPUser1 → Left channel
SIPUser2 → Right channel

monitor() creates 2 files. mixmonitor() creates 1 mono file by default, but has options to create separate ‘leg’ files.

Do each of the ‘leg recordings’ contain the audio you expect?

SoX can combine two mono files into a single stereo file and has lots (too many?) options to pan and otherwise muck with it.

Hi Sedwards,

Thanks for the reply, we use Sox to combine the call into single stereo file. The stereo file has both A and B leg as multi track, but both the leg are same both have agent and customer voice. We would wanted to have A leg only agent voice and b as cstomer’s single file as stereo.

If the recorded legs are the same, something is wrong upstream from SoX. If they are different, your SoX command is incorrect.

Thanks, very much.

Here is what we have as upstream

615330469.578171-in.wav – Agent voice only
615330469.578171-out.wav – Customer voice only.

We use “$SOX -m -v 1 $LEFT-tmp.wav -v 1 $RIGHT-tmp.wav $OUT” to combine as stereo file. But both track has agent and customer voice. Where we would like to have only agent voice on one track and customer voice on another track.

Thanks in advance.

You have specified mixing (-m), when you wanted merging (-M).

Note, though, that this can have an accessibility issue. If you use headphones, and the listener has an asymmetric hearing loss, as I do, they may not be able to hear one of the sides.

Try replacing ‘-m’ (‘mix’) with ‘-M’ (‘merge’)

Thanks very much, will give a try and update.

“$SOX -M -v 1 $LEFT-tmp.wav -v 1 $RIGHT-tmp.wav $OUT” works, but we are running into a new problem. The output file is as Quad file, It has 4 channels,

agent out Left Customer

Please ignore, Got it working.

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