Stasis cache issue

we are facing call failure issue due to stasis issue.please find below error logs.

[Jan 5 10:18:40] ERROR[7851][C-00000721] stasis_cache.c: Attempting to remove an item from the ast_channel_topic_all-cached cache that isn’t there: ast_channel_snapshot_type OutgoingSpoolFailed

[Jan 5 10:18:40] NOTICE[7849][C-0000071f] pbx_spool.c: Call failed to go through, reason (0) Call Failure (not BUSY, and not NO_ANSWER, maybe Circuit busy or down?)
[Jan 5 10:18:40] NOTICE[7849][C-0000071f] pbx_spool.c: Queued call to SIP/9000000000-g=g3-h=a@NSG expired without completion after 0 attempts

What exact issue does it cause? Is it just the error message that you are seeing that is concerning you? Is the SIP INVITE not being sent?