Start-up issue on OpenSuSE 10.2

I’m running 1.4.11, compiled from source, on OpenSuSE 10.2 and it’s generally running well.

I had occasion to restart the server and found I had no zap channel until I ran ztcfg -vv

Zaptel Version: 1.4.4
Echo Canceller: MG2

Channel map:

Channel 01: FXO Kewlstart (Default) (Slaves: 01)
Channel 04: FXS Kewlstart (Default) (Slaves: 04)

2 channels configured.

Changing signalling on channel 1 from Unused to FXO Kewlstart
Changing signalling on channel 4 from Unused to FXS Kewlstart

I’ve obviously got something missing in the startup, but am not sure where to look. I do have the init script in place, and the drivers are being loaded, but there is no /etc/sysconfig/zaptel file installed (but not sure why that might be - SuSE may do something different from Red Hat).

Any pointers welcomed.