Voicemail when IMAP server is down?

If you’re using an IMAP server for voicemail storage, what happens if the IMAP server is down or unavailable when the voicemail is recorded?

I’d like to think that the system would save it and retry storing it to the server a few times over a period of time. Does it actually do this or is the voicemail just lost?

How have people dealt with this in the field?

I’m not too sure mate.

You could either try one of these ideas:

AGI script to check that IMAP is available.


record every voicemail to a global administrative mailbox that is stored on the server. This can be done by omitting the imapuser setting from the mailbox. In the event IMAP storage is not available, you’ll then have a tidy bit of administering to do to distribute the mail messages by checking their cdr records.

These are merely suggestions off the top of my head. I’ve been asked before and told by arrogant proprietary vendors that having IMAP storage is ridiculous… idiots.