SSL Connection, Certificate, SIP Client IP


we have multiple international office locations. So for better tracing i need to know the SIP Client IP address from the following message:

[2020-03-03 11:44:17] ERROR [5817]: tcptls.c : 695 handle_tcptls_connection : Problem setting up ssl connection: error:00000001:lib(0):func(0):reason(1), Internal SSL error

[2020-03-03 11:44:17] WARNING [5817]: tcptls.c : 782 handle_tcptls_connection : FILE * open failed!

i have set core set verbose 5 and core set debug 5 sip set debug on.

We are aware of why this error message is displayed. Knowing the public address from the related messages would make it easier to find the phone in the right location.

Thanks for any advise.

What version of Asterisk? Recent versions updated log messages to include the IP address and port.

We are running Asterisk certified/13.13-cert6.

That version would not have this change. You’d need to either upgrade, or find and backport the change.

What version do we need at least?

The issue on JIRA[1] has the target versions, which shows the first versions where the change was available.


Thank you for your answers!

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