SQL Alloc Handle failed!


I’m working on getting asterisk realtime using ODBC/mysql.

I’m working out some sip audio issues and debugging has this message in it frequently:

res_config_odbc.c:88 realtime_odbc: SQL Alloc Handle failed!

The code that generates the message is from res_config_odbc.c:

00241 res = SQLAllocHandle (SQL_HANDLE_STMT, obj->con, &stmt);
00242 if ((res != SQL_SUCCESS) && (res != SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)) {
00243 ast_log(LOG_WARNING, “SQL Alloc Handle failed!\n”);
00244 odbc_release_obj(obj);
00245 return NULL;
00246 }

Can anyone inform me as to why I’m getting this error?

I figured it out. ODBC config error

Well i was looking at your question and it seems like you have got mysql working over an odbc connection and i was wondering what way u set up your config files as i am trying to do the same thing without any luck asterisks keeps crashing when i try to use an external database for the extensions in realtime. Have table set up right as i had it working for mysql but i want to use an odbc connection now. Any help would be brilliant.
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