Hey guys, I really need help about to use ChanSpy with g option, in help of this commando i get:

  • g(grp): Match only channels where their ${SPYGROUP} variable is set to contain ‘grp’ in an optional : delimited list.

In my mind, it´s means that I put strings for SPYGROUP variable it will scan channels that contains this strings, example:

ChanSpy(SIP|g(person1)), this command means that will scan SIP channels that contains the “person1” string? It´s look like to say that exists the user SIP/person1, thats it?

My scenario, I need to scan some sip channels, but not at all…I have 4 people:

SIP/person1, SIP/person2, SIP/person3 and SIP/person4, but I want to spy only person2 and person4. The g option on ChanSpy can do that? I tried for many ways but none worked.

Please if somebody can help.