Spy channel on both sides

Hi, I was wondering when I set up a spy channel, with spy: ‘both’, is there any way to identify where the audio came from?
I want to record the client im calling in order to stop the playback running, but I do need to process the audio the playback creates (I want to add a process that stops the playback only between words)

So to keep things simple, is there any way to know which way the audio comes into the spy channel?
If not are there any alternatives Im missing for what im trying to implement?
Thanks in advance.

Do you mean a Snoop channel? If so, no. It’s a mixed audio stream from both sides. If you need individual sides, you’d have to do two channels one for each side.

yes with a snoop channel… ok so i need one snoop channel with in for my client, and a seperate one for with out for my playback audio?
will they need seperate rtp-udp server?

Yes, yes.

Ok, I understand the general concept, so my current setup has:
1 local channel, 1 external channel and 1 snoop channel with 2 bridges, one between local and external and other between spy and external
Im going to need to add an additional channel (that works the same as external for a seperate external_host server), that will have a bridge with local channel.
In addition create another snoop channel, that has spy: “out” and connect it with local channel via a seperate bridge

So in total, I need 1 local channel(main) 2 external channel, 2 snoop channels and 4 bridges to facilitate my requirements, did I get it right or could this be simplified?
Thanks alot :slight_smile:

If you want the individual directions, yes.

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