Split Call Recordings


 The background is that I need to dial into a call center, listen to the calls and make quality observations. This is going to be a one long call into a particular queue of the call center and this call will keep listening into calls as and when they come. 

 If I start recording this call its going to be a one long file and will be kind of impossible to qa. 

 Is there  a way where when the call center agent hangs up the call and a new call is fed to my call, a new recording starts automatically. Ideally for every call that the call center agent takes and I listen in, there is a new file for the recording.

 The call center is about 300 miles away and I will be dialing into the listen queue only once.

 Please let me know if asterisk can be used in this situation.


Every call could be recorded (in some countries, there are some regulations). You can make call, and listen all recorded files - one after one.
You can listen mixed - both legs, or single leg - the way you wish.
voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … cmd+Record
Check commands Record and Monitor


Thanks for your response. That topic was enlightening. The only question is  - i can make the recording stop but how do i have asterisk start recording again. 

 I'll re frame the question. So i have this one long call. I need to save the call recording in different consecutive files. So lets say the call lasted 3 hours. I need the recordings in 3 different files. The first hour of call in File1.wav. The second hour of call in file2.wav and the third hour of call in file3.wav. 

Is this possible?