Integration of sphnix4 with asterisk :

Hi All,
I have plan to do ASR( Automatic Speech Reorganization )in asterisk. For achieving this while browsing on internet i got sphnix is open source software for ASR. then i downloaded. Now, i want to integrate asterisk with sphnix4. So, any one can please help me.

Note : If any other open source software for Asterisk also please let me know and i will try with thous

Asterisk version : 14.X
OS : Linux
Dependent : sphnix4

There are no instructions or documentation for writing such a thing, you’d need to figure out how sphinx4 can be integrated with and then come up with the best method in Asterisk to do such a thing.

Hi jcolp,
Thank you for your reply and continues support. How can achieve ASR with out using proprietary technologies.
I mean to asking about is there any other open source technology(or) tool is there for archiving  ASR though Asterisk.

I’ve never done so so I can’t comment. Someone else on the forum may have, but ASR is not something commonly done.