Speech Server

Hello one and all,

sorry to be a pain but i am a complete novice in the world of telecoms but i have people shouting at me to make this work :smile:

I have microsoft speech server up and running on a Server (2003)
i also have PBXNSIP up and running on another server.
i use hardware linksys SPA942 phones to register on the PBX and then i place a call to the speech server and everything is fine.

I find PBXNSIP a little expensive for my needs so i am looking at 1.6 of asterisk as it handles the tcp sip conversion like PBXNSIP does.

has anyone here got asterisk up and running ok with speech server?
if so (and this is the pain bit) can anyone run me up a quick guide on how to configure the PBX to work with speech server.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Speech server as in converting text to speech or vice versa. I have tested Cepstral’s text to speech software with Asterisk and it works well (there are some words that it has an issue with).