Integrating Asterisk with PBX

I have a requirement of connecting existing PBX with the Asterisk. We are doing this first time integration.

We have legacy PBX system with the analog PSTN line.

Can anyone tell what are all hardware/software we need if we plan to run the asterisk on the server.

Asterisk will be running on the Centos linux with the Dell server as its hardware

Basically if someone calls the specific number configured on the PBX the call should be routed to the Asterisk for IVR.

Please advise.

Thank you,

This should be on Asterisk Support.

The answer depends on the legacy PBX, what interfaces it already has, and how much free capacity it has. If it supports SIP, using G.711 codecs and the relevant SIP components are actually installed on it, you will need no additional hardware or software on the Asterisk machine, besides Asterisk and DAHDI.

You really need to read Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, which cand be found at

PM me I will help you to integrate your PBX with Asterisk.