SPA3000 alternatives

I was considering buying the SPA3000 but realized that many people had echo problems.
Is there an alternative to the SPA3000 with similar features that does not suffer from echo problems?

you need one FXO and one FXS ports?

If you just need analog FXS ports, get a PAP2T, they work ok. I have never had issues with them regarding echo.


I do want both an FXS and an FXO port though

you may be able to find specific hardware tweaks to reduce it on the PBX (if it is system wide) or on the device itself.

You can change quite a few settings on those boxes to adjust for something like a debit/credit machine, fax or analog phones station.


Arnon, If you have SIP enabled in your Asterisk, you might want to try the PBXMate product from SoliCall It connects to Asterisk as a SIP Trunk and removes echo from all calls that are diverted to it. It is equipped with the ability to handle very long echo tail therefore making it possible to do server side echo cancellation for both sides of the call (near end & far end). It is a software product that you can run with your existing hardware configuration.