SPA-3102 & Asterisk Basics

I followed many how to on internet, and nothing work, I requested help from many companies (I use the Synology Asterisk Package witch is probably not working efficiently as this is the 6 version only (Asterisk 1.8.13, Asterisk GUI 2.0.3) : devices do not control what they do, software do not check parameters and do not improve efficiency by automatically correcting errors… Humans are not known to make improvements, they can just test different things and compare, and they are source of errors and jealousy…

I am developping a new voice server for EJFJ Corporation, inventor of worlwide standardizations (Medical Pack, Time Pad Scheduler, Staff COM International, …). I need your help to solve problems, Asterisk version 2.0.0 need to be accessible very soonly, nowaday solutions are totally unacceptable, unefficient, too unsecure, requesting too much knowledge from the administrators, and good things cannot be realized (the best things are fully unreachable).

I have now a PSTN line +41215667478 connected to the Linksys SPA-3102, the Asterisk Server cannot be accessed by this line. I defined it as a proxy in the SPA=>Voice=>PSTN Line, with the identifier, and the password.
SIP Trunk : Rejected PSTN sip 1-pstn,dynamic

I deleted the dynamic, as all device have fixed IP address, given by the modem/router, and the SPA-3102 is used as a bridge.

I have a VOIP subscription, +41325133791 connected by Asterisk, the status seems ok (Registered) :
SIP Trunk : Registered SIPCall sip 41325133791

I configured everything, more than everything, but details can block, one single parameter can totally block the whole Asterisk system, this is a house of cards, not a strong castle! This is a game for administrators who earn their life badly while making this work, this is totally not satisfying for companies… The Asterisk second version need to be self efficient, the administrator will just ned to explain Askerisk how he wants to use the connected/discovered devices, and how he want to cumulate the specific functionnalities of each part of the Asterisk Systems, to fully satisfy the needs of the users… The language recognition need for example to be vocally recognized whenever the caller speaks, the system use the same language to reply, and give him informations about what Asterisk is doing to process the call efficiently, without a key press menu for language selection (lost of time, unefficient, uneffective, unequitable, illegal)!

When I call the fix number (PSTN, the connected phone ring normally, and I can get the call… When I call the SIP number +41325133791, I hear a long biip and nothing more, the call is closed… Beside that, there are only problems, but I will go step by step… so for now, Asterisk is 2.4% efficient… It requested 3 weeks, to arrive to this point… Thank you for your help, all talents are requisitionned by the international justice, in the EJFJ Penal Affairs… Thank you for those who help us go forward… After, only Digium will benefit, as all lacks and defficiencies will need to be corrected for the 2nd version witch should exist since 1994! Yours faithfully…

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If not, First of all There is no Asterisk Version 2.0.0, Go and look the asterisk docs( then try to do something if after all you still failing go and Hire a professional to do the job.

I’m quite cheaper :mrgreen:

Yes, effectively, Asterisk 2.0.0 is still missing, the requisitions of C.D.M for voice servers commanded by C.D.M. in 1992, to the group of telephony companies, including Philips (one of our main partner for multimedia devices and standardizations establishments) are still not satisfyed, more than 19 years after the standardizations deposits… Asterisk is recognized as one among numerous solutions, it is effective, free to use, so quite good, but unfortunately not perfect, therer is still pace for more expensive and sometime even worse products… Company needs are not yet satisfyed, they are alone to choose correct solutions, and between Asterisk realizations, none is equal to another, some are very nice, some are just correct, most are perfectible… We can always do better, but there is only one solution to do things perfectly, it is to always improve them… How much do you want to bet the Asterisk 2.0.0 will never exist? I am sure it will… Perhaps from another company, but I really hope Digium will finish the work, and make something simple, efficient, powerfull and effective for all users needs… Now it is just satisfying if the administrator who install/developp Asterisk is very efficient, clever and correct, so there are not much chance for the customer to be fully satisfyed… Yes, asterisk can do many things, including bad and worse things, and this can be done without any knowledge, without any respect of anything… But to make things work, you need lot of chance, or lot of knowledge, or lt of many things all benefitors of Asterisk solutions definitely cannot all have… I just ant to help finalize the last version I imaginated in 1992 already…It is still missing, there are too much worse solutions, and not enough good ones… You should help Digium make as soon as possible the Asterisk 2.0.0 global PBX solution, with autoconfiguration by proposing to cumulate all good things of each tool/device, rather than letting each user/administrator try to find correct correct parameters to just make things work… This is already so difficult to achieve this, that there is no way to reach excellence for the global products… Read the Advanced requests, and see witch are accessible to you for now, with the 1.8.22 version… I do not criticize, I just help Digium to progress and achieve what is requested for billion of users, rather than having lot of uncorrect informations over internet about problems met by normal human users, while only computers whould make things work cleverly… Humans can then try to improve, by testing new things… Autoparameters improvements are requested, and only accessible with the MT System cards, Microsoft Corporation rejected in 1994, and since then they block all standards, with there fake unefficient software Plug’n Play when the correct solution was with hardware… Multicore processors (Billog Hexon), are linked with these reforms…This is still the future, as since 1996 we are blocked in an unefficient past! Yours faithfully, and thank you for your understandings.

Emmanuel Jean-François Jotterand
EJFJ Corporation Founder’s Member,
Ergonomist Engineer active in more than 10 fields, Inventor

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