[SOLVED] Strange error libedit while installing Asterisk 16

Hi Guys,

I would like to test Asterisk 16 and trying to install it.
Have tryed installing it, but I get the following error.

configure: error: *** Please install the 'libedit' development package.

When I try to install libedit with “yum install libedit” I get the following message

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base: ftp.iij.ad.jp
 * epel: s3-mirror-ap-northeast-1.fedoraproject.org
 * extras: ftp.iij.ad.jp
 * updates: ftp.iij.ad.jp
Package libedit-3.0-12.20121213cvs.el7.x86_64 already installed and latest version
Nothing to do

Am I missing something here?
Seems that this package is already installed, or does Asterisk means a diffrent package?

Thank you

Found the answer :smile:
It was not “yum install libedit” that I needed, but “yum install libedit-devel”.

Problem is solved


yum install libedit* also will work