[solved] Question: does 1.8 use seperate asterisk addons

A: it has been merged into 1.8

error solution: needed correct cdr db format in mysql

All previous dependencies are required. Sofar RHEL 6 is good to go for mysql with the yum packages, but odbc will require a bit of troubleshooting

Hi everyone,

I’ve undertaken to use 1.8 instead of 1.6 but am running into problems.

asterisk_addons just wont install, and I’m curious

Question: Has asterisk addons been merged with the core package now?

Is it even possible to install asterisk addons with 1.8, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

I enabled what I could in the make menuselect, and thought everything was ok but then asterisk choaks out with the usual code in cdr_mysql.conf

codec_alaw.so => (A-law Coder/Decoder)
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf’: == Found
[Jan 18 17:20:58] ERROR[4487]: cdr_mysql.c:571 my_load_module: Unable to query t

Does anyone know what I need with 1.8 to get cdr mysql compatibility?


You did read README-addons.txt ?

=== Asterisk Add-on Modules ===

This document pertains to the modules that reside in the addons/

subdirectory of the source tree. By default, these modules are not compiled
and installed. If you choose to enable them, you must be aware of what
potential licensing and/or patent implications that has on your usage and
distribution of Asterisk.

Even though Asterisk is released as open source under the terms of the

GPLv2 (see LICENSE for details), no core functionality in Asterisk has any
dependencies on libraries that are licensed under the GPL. One reason a module
may be in the add-ons category is that it may have a GPL dependency. Since
these dependencies are not compatible with dual licensing of Asterisk, the
dependant modules are set aside to make it clear that they may not be used
with commercial versions of Asterisk, unless other licensing arrangements are
made with the copyright holders of those dependencies.

Another reason that modules may be set aside is that there may be

additional restrictions on the usage of the code imposed by the license or
related patents. The MySQL and MP3 modules are examples of this.

If you have any questions, contact your lawyer.


to install


make menuselect

select Add-Ons

then select app_mysql cdr_mysql res_config_mysql for example

make sure your cdr_mysql.conf file is there as is the database

We use it and all working perfect

Ok, why does this person claim that 1.8 does not use addons?

freepbx.org/forum/freepbx/in … stallation

Hi Have you done either his or my instructions (He is saying the same thing as I am (just missed off the) fact that its on a seperate menu tab?,

Addons is NOT a separate download its part of the source, It is enabled as I described, As thats HOW i do it.

Mysql cdrs do work in 1.8 as we are using them on production servers…

 lqqqqqqqqqqqqqu Asterisk Module and Build Option Selection tqqqqqqqqqqqqqk
   x                                                                        x
   x   Add-ons (See README-addons.txt)    [*] app_mysql                     x
   x   Applications                       [ ] app_saycountpl                x
   x   Bridging Modules                   [*] cdr_mysql                   a x
   x   Call Detail Recording              [ ] chan_mobile                 a x
   x   Channel Event Logging              [ ] chan_ooh323                 a x
   x   Channel Drivers                    [ ] format_mp3                  a x
   x   Codec Translators                  [*] res_config_mysql            a x
   x   Format Interpreters                                                a x
   x   Dialplan Functions                                                   x
   x                                                                        x
   x  Simple Mysql Interface                                                x
   x                                                                        x
   x      Depends on: mysqlclient(E)     lqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqk   lqqqqqqqqqqk   x
   x         Can use: N/A                x  Save & Exit  x   x   Exit   x   x
   x  Conflicts with: N/A                mqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqj   mqqqqqqqqqqj   x
   x   Support Level: deprecated, Replaced                                  x

Thanks very much for the reply and help, it is indeed merged into the 1.8 branch.