SOLVED no database handle available with name of 'asterisk'

[b]Solved this problem on me own =)! apparently the dsn connection should be named as the database it connects to.

here is my settings for you with thesame problem as i.

[ASTERISK_SIP] <-- this name is also the database name
enabled => yes
username => ********
password => ********
pooling => yes
limit => 50
pre-connect => yes
backslash_is_escape => no[/b]

Help with this please!

This Error-message shows when i enable sipppeers and sipusers by odbc. When i disable this and only let queues and queuemembers from odbc this error doesnt show. ODBC MSSQL is what i use btw.

im in vevelopment-stage and max 2 users on system

Asterisk from source
freetds-0.82 from source

// Marcus