<Solved> multiple sip.conf , extensions.conf

I have installed Asterisk 1.4.44. (Not the latest because I don’t have compatible vicidial).

I have set up vicidial and it has created another conf files.

sip-vicidial.conf, extensions-vicidial.conf.

From asterisk CLI, I can see the confgured peers by typing > sip show peers
But I cannot see the ones which were configured by vicidial and updated in sip-vicidial.conf. I can see the once present in sip.conf

Please let me know why asterisk is not taking sip-vicidial.conf, extensions-vicidial.conf files.
If it has read these files what is the requisite.

these files are also present under /etc/asterisk folder only.


you need to include them in sip.conf and extensions.conf

vim sip.conf
; Add sip-vicidial.conf the end of sip.conf file
#include sip-vicidial.conf

vim extensions.conf
;Add extensions-vicidial.conf to the end extensions.conf of file
#include extensions-vicidial.conf

Thanks a lot. It worked.