[solved] Fax with IAXModem asterisk extension not busy

Hi readers,

I have an asterisk solution for voice lines and everything is working fine, now I need to setup fax lines also.

I installed iaxmodems and hylafax.

Configured IAXmodem, config.IAX file for hylafax and faxgetty in inittab.

In asterisk created an IAX extension, configured DID etc…

I now can send/recieve faxes, the problem is when I’m receiving a fax if I try to send another one the line keeps calling instead of giving the busy signal.

Is there any way to change this so when the Iaxmodem is busy recieving or sending a fax the extension stays busy until the job in iaxmodem is done?

Sorry if my English is not clear enough, any info u might need, just ask.

Thanks in advance.

Found the awser, just gave to put
exten => s-BUSY,n,Hangup
in my extensions.conf

could y help me? I’ve a prb with the combination hylafax+iaxmodem. I’ve read and made all steps of this guide

the-asterisk-book.com/unstab … lafax.html

but I’ve a problem when I check if the fax has been sent or not receive the same answer:
in the status
"no local dialtone"
otherwise if try to make incoming or outgoing calls the system works.