[solved] CallCenterQueue not reachable from outside

I’m facing a strange problem with my Asterisk.
I’d like to have my callcenter-queue reachable from outside. I’ve configured a queue which is already reachable from inside. CallCenterQueueNumber is 400. If I use the 201 (e.g) instead of the 400, the phone device rings. If I use the 400, the caller gets the announcement that the person is unavailable.

I thought to configure my extensions.conf like

exten => <user>,1,Dial(SIP/400,20)
exten => <user>,2,Hangup()

exten => 400,1,Answer()
exten => 400,n,Queue(support-schlange)
exten => 400,n,Hangup

There is no entry for number 400 in sip.conf since it’s not a device but only a virtual queue. Number 201 is configured in sip.conf (of course).
I think the Dial() Application looks in the sip.conf. But it does not make sense to configure the 400 as phone device there, does it ?

I’m sure it’s a bad configuration on my system, but could somebody please help me with this ?

Thanks a lot


What have you got in queues.conf ?

But if you have got member = SIP/201 in it then

you need

exten => ,1,Goto(meine-telefone,400,1) in [sipgate-in]


exten => ,1,Queue(support-schlange)


Ian - you’ve made my day: again :smiley:
Many thanks !