Softphones in 2018

I would like to start a discussion about what softphones are available here in the year 2018 and what experiences people have had with them.

I’m looking for a product I can brand and resell to my users specifically.

Products I have looked at:




Media 5

We have good experience with Zoiper, you can brand it, easy to configure.
Nice web interface to manage the licenses, only downside is that you can reinstall it only 4 times, which is understandable, but still a downside.

Also like Csipsimple but no experience with branding only using.

I also have positive experience with Zoiper.
Alternatively, try to llok at Counterpath’s Bria:

The Zoiper pricing for branding seemed pretty extreme, 10K per OS so that’d be 20K for Android & IOS customization?

I have bad expirience with Zoiper…
While I had the call very often it start without any reason one beep sound (DTMF signal) and it was imposible to stop just with hang-up…
Im using CSIPSimple, and even it is dead project, it is very stabile.
U can register with more than one account, the g729 codec is free for him…so high-ly recommending.
Mizzudroid, is still alive project, but they asking total unreal price for g729 codec + it is imposible to register more than one account in same moment

The latest build I received for Mizudroid supports at least two concurrent sip accounts.

I wasn’t aware that CSIPSimple was no longer being worked on.

Strange…I’m tried the last Mizudroid from play google and it is imposible to be in same time online with more than one account.
Yes CSipSimple, they didn’t released more than ~2 years new version.