Softphone problems with Video

I’m using call video with Asterisk and multi-conference with video too. The soft-phone that works fine is the X-lite. The codec for video available are H.263 and H.263+, but sniffing the network using X-lite the protocol inside the RTP media are not one those codes, the name of the protocol inside RTP is named “RTP dynamic “:?: . However when I try with Eyebeam or Bria I don’t have video in any direction, but still the protocol inside the RTP has the same name, and every packet are send and received with no problems.
I want to use Bria because has full-screen view and better quality than X-lite. If anybody has Bria or Eyebeam working with video, please help me with this problem. :confused:

did you enabled video in Asterisk conf files, on Asterisk 1.4 it is in sip_general_custom.conf: set videosupport=yes? and see if the paylaod type is the same on both Asterisk and X-Lite, you cannot change it on X-Lite but on Asterisk it is possible. as I remember the payload type is set in rtp.conf.

Thanks for your reply :smiley:
I have installed the appconference for video-conference in replacement of the MeetMe conference and work perfectly with the X-Lite. The X-Lite work fine for video calls too, but the problems is with Bria and EyeBeam. With a sniffer I see that the packet inside RTP is “RTP Dynamic”, I read in this link, something about the RTP and RTP Dynamic.
When a try with Bria or the Eyebeam i receive a great number of packet with delay and jitter on the sniffer, I do not believe that the network is the problem, because is a very fast network, even the start of the call in those client are slower than the X-Lite.
Thanks again.