Softphone on Browser

Currently, we are using two version of IPPBX (VOIP) System in our office, which are CUCM v11 and Briker 1.2.

We want to call directly through web browser instead of using a soft phone (or any desktop based application). The API itself is able to call/receive directly to/from PSTN or any extension that are registered in our CUCM or Briker.

We have done a lot of research on the internet and have stopped with Asterisk.
Is it possible to make calls directly through the web browser with Asterisk?


Yes using Webrtc Technology or a Web Softphone Plugin

How do we use Webrtc technology? I’ve use asterisk click2dial addons on Firefox and still not working.

If you need to ask, you don’t. The general advice is that you need to to have a thorough understanding of the protocols it uses at quite a deep technical level before you attempt to use it.