Softphone calls failing with media_encyption set to DTLS

We have been using Micropsip softphone with Asterisk for awhile, using realtime PJSIP for settings and everything has been fine. We wanted to add a softphone web app using WebRTC as an additional softphone option. After setting the PJSIP settings for WebRTC calls were successful in the WebRTC web app, but then realized that Microsip could no longer call other extensions. After back tracking settings I found that after setting media_encryption=dtls on the callee extension that the call fails from Microsip. I tried to setting media_encryption_optimistic=yes thinking this would allow the call through even though it wasn’t using dtls but it still failed. I thought this might be a microsip issue so I installed and setup zoiper and tested and still got a call failure. Are there any other settings I need to be looking at to be able to use WebRTC and a softphone client that can’t use DTLS?

Using Asterisk 16.2.1

This is not supported. Only the SDES type currently supports optimistic encryption. If DTLS is enabled then it is mandatory.

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