SMS with Asterisk 13 (last realease)

Hi Folks. I use Asterisk for many years and truncked with provider. I enabled SMS service with PJSIP (TLS) and follow procedure provided on My cell phone have ZoiPer Gold and able to send and receive voice call. I’m also able to send SMS from ZoiPer with success.

The issue is on receving SMS. I test without TLS for tcpdump payload. I can see packets receving on Asterisk server, but failed at handshake.

Can you help me with my issue?


It is better to get the packet traces from Asterisk itself, which will be after decryption. In any case, we’d really need to see the traces here.

Hi. before let this case closed… I’ll explain my solution.

I upgraded to Asterisk 16. That fix the issue.

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