Asterisk with linphone

Hey guys I have a problem with linphone to send sms, When I send sms every thing work ok but when I reply sms asterisk server send me an error, and the sms was not sent. But when use Zoiper send sms and reply sms work fine.

What does the logs show when using zoiper and when using linphone?

When I use linphone, when replying sms, it sends asterisk server wrong destination IP address

I don’t use SMS feature on Asterisk I reviewed the pjsip configuration file looking for an option that could be related to this and I didn’t found noting, It looks like a Linphone problem as you posted similar post before SMS reply use linphone

Yes, at another time I published a similar post looking for a solution, but I could not find it. Thanks for everything.

Thanks for everything. Which free softphone do you advise me to use?

I use Zoiper but it is only for VOICE I haven’t use SMS on SIP when dealing with SMS I prefer use an API of a third part provider like Twilio

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