Small VPN adapter for sip phones?


I have been trying to get a bunch of this GXP-2000 phones setup to mail to all our employees that work from home…

Was wondering if there was a plug in play type solution to get around all there different NAT issues…

Like a small VPN adapter they could plugin before the phone to create a tunnel to our corporate network…

Any thoughts.

Have a look at the ZyWALL P1. This might do the job but I would not been keen to send voice across a VPN connection as it may add too much overhead and lower quality. … 37AB9A3A51

Having said that I do know of people running SIP across a VPN connection from home to their head office with no real problems.

main thing that gadget gives is encryption, which SIP lacks by itslef.
if you set up the GXP’s for remote provisioning (DO THIS it will save your ass later) and then enable STUN, you will be all set.

Thanks for the input…

I actually had quite a large bit of success today… Accomplished the following.
-setup 2 GXP-2000 at 2 different location behind NATS
-successfully added vonage softphone account for dialing in and out.
-setup all the pretty light for GXP-2000
-Call Queues.

  • neverending hold…

It is really slick once you finally get things workin…