Slow playback of Music on Hold?

The music on hold files that we’ve created are playing in slow motion. Like a record when the turntable is spinning at a too-slow slow speed. This is a new install of Asterisk 13.5 on CentOS 7.

The defualt ones that come with play OK.

These are exported as mono, 8000Hz, Microsoft Wave signed 16bit PCM.

I’ve also tried mono, 8000Hz, Unsigned 8bit PCM but get an error:

format_wav.c:129 check_header_fmt: Can only handle 16bits per sample: 1

I’ve tried a whole bunch of format combinations but they all either refuse to play, or play in slow motion. I’m assuming this is file export related, so anyone know what the correct settings are for converting a regular wav to an Asterisk compatible wav in Audacity?

Asterisk can also play music files in sln format. Try to convert the wav files to sln. … n+Asterisk