Sippeers with realtime

Hi all. I configured my asterisk to work with postgres. My peers are on a table called sip_conf. It work perfectly, but when I type ‘sip show peer’, they don`t appear on display. When I type ‘realtime load sippeers name ]username]’ it return me normaly. There is a possibility that I could forgoten something?

i’m using slackware 10.2+asterisk 1.2.5+postgres 8.1.3+unixodbc+odbcpostgre07.03.0260.

Another question. What mean this messenge: ‘SIP Seeding peer from astdb: ‘eduardo’ at eduardo@ for 1800’?

sip show peer–>S<— (plural)

'SIP Seeding peer from astdb

This is the equivalent to registrations when using realtime.

It means, that the the extension/registration was “seeded” by the db, eg. after a restart of asterisk while the registration of the device is still present in the astdb.

The problem was, that if asterisk went down and your peer/device had a long reg refresh time, the phone may become inoperable till its own refreshtimer fired up incase the astdb had no valid ipentry for the phone, which asterisk needs after a restart (re-requesting).

The solution was the persistant record and ip-seeding.

Sorry…i am not native-english…

Thanks for all assitence. I’ve got what I wanted.

yay, very nice :smile: