Sip wrong domain

i am trying to setup my new voip provider (sip)

Activating debugging I read the following error:
<— SIP read from UDP: [2a01:XXXXXXXX: 1]: 5060 —>
SIP / 2.0 400 Wrong domain

my configuration is as follows:

type = peer
host = proxy-XXXXXXXX
fromuser = MYUSER
secret = PASSWORD
username = MYUSER
fromdomain = voip.XXXXXX
qualify = no
insecure = invite, port
outboundproxy = proxy-XXXXXX
context = lan

Help me…

You’d need to ask the provider what they are expecting and where.

My provider is very very poor and not very technical

With client Zoiper (with same informations) all is ok.

Where i wrong?

You could compare Zoiper and Asterisk traffic to see where it differs, that may show you where.

You seem to have redacted the relevant information, for no apparent good reason. To stand any chance of helping (apart from the guidance already given) we’d need to know who your provider was, but you’ve obfuscated the addresses of their system and proxy.

However, I’d ask:

Why do you have a proxy if its name is the same as the host (assuming the different number of Xs is not significant)?

Why does the host name begin with Proxy- ?

Also, unlikely to be causing your problems here, but:

Why are you using a deprecated channel driver?

Why do you need insecure=port?

Why have you set defaultuser (under a deprecated name) when the registration isn’t inbound?

My guess is that either host or fromdomain are wrong.

Thanks for the reply.
I am not using an external prozy but proxy is my provider’s hostname name.

For incoming calls I have no problems, everything works.

My provider only supports ipv6.

Domain is:

Outboundproxy is:

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