SIP and IAX(2)

Hey all,

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Especially ever since IAX2 and IETF recognition.

Anyway, as far as I can see, the only advantage that SIP has over IAX is that once the connection is made the control and the data streams are separate. That means that the data connection can be passed off to clients that handle ALL data transfers, releasing resources for the server to dedicate to other calls.

I like the single port idea with control and data bundled in a single port, makes dealing with firewalls and NAT a LOT easier, but that is also one reason why asterisk has problems at times dealing with large/heavy loads.


I mean. Isn’t there a way to do, like I don’t know, a check maybe? Like if the data connection can be off-loaded to a separate port, check if port connection is good and then break it off the main to a separate data connection leaving control on the main and data to the clients, and if not then keep it bundled.

I mean. in all other aspects, as far as I can see, IAX(2) is just a better protocol than SIP. If it would just scale as good then IAX(2) would be the only real choice.

ideas? am i nuts here? am i the only one wondering if it can be done? am i even asking a valid question here? man i don’t know anymore. long day. want beer. want couch. want t.v. want woman. want bed. bye

have fun,